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Dr. Sheila Agullana
Dr. Sheila Agullana has been around dentistry for over 20 years, and continues to this day learning more through continuing education courses. Her gentle care and knowledge of dentistry have helped to brighten the smiles of her patients more and more every year. Dr. Agullana's approach to dentistry combines the passion of creativity and the artistic side of dental care, with the science and medicine of dentistry, giving her a truly interactive and technologically focused view which shows in her application of dental treatment.

Dentistry, for Dr. Agullana, is, in the end, a method of improving her patients' overall health and wellness. Some of the most rewarding of moments come when she helps her patients live more comfortably and confidently, which she gets to experience often. Dr. Sheila Agullana is originally from the Philippines. She received her dental training at the University of the East, Philippines, and graduated from there with her Doctor of Dental Medicine degree in 1997. After completing her studies, Dr. Agullana was able to volunteer as a dentist for the medical and dental missions the Philippine Army conducted to help care for the under-served areas in the province of Kalinga. She was also working in a private practice where she treated all of her patients like family. 
She later moved to the United States where she completed her advanced Doctorate of Dental Surgery from the University of Colorado, in Denver.

As a dedicated practitioner of dentistry, she is able to give all of her patients the best care out there, using all of the latest technology, because of her continual development in her abilities and techniques through continuing dental education courses. Dr. Agullana is a member of the American Dental Association, as well as both the DC Dental Association and the American academy of General Dentistry. In her spare time she enjoys travel, meeting people, dancing, cooking, reading books, spending quality time with her family, and volunteering for worthwhile causes. She is fluent in many languages: English, Tagalog and Ilocano.
She has been creating straighter smiles with Invisalign for the past 5 years, having finished her training for it in 2012.

Dr. Agullana looks forward to meeting you and your loved ones to bring out the brightest smile in the District at District Smiles.

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